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With Mother’s Day coming up, everyone is on the hunt of a thoughtful gift to give that special woman in their life. And why not something handcrafted by talented local craftspeople?!

Brian and Jonathan Ashmore are more than handy when it comes to woodturning – between the two of them, the craft some stunning and unique pieces. They’re lamps are a real head-turner in the Old Hardware, as well as the bespoke wine glasses.

Tell us a little about yourselves…

Brian started woodturning and carpentry over 60 years ago and specialized in woodturning later on as a hobby and now finds it very therapeutic. Jonathan, very
similarly, started in secondary school also and continued with more artistic pieces.

What kind of products do you offer?

Bowls, Lamps, Platters, Pens etc and custom made items such as wine glasses and general occasion gifts.

Customers can also order bespoke pieces just by calling or emailing directly. For example, a Brian & Jonathan crafted a stunning Bog Oak Lamp commissioned as a gift for a government minister.

What is your favourite piece to produce?

Brian likes to make something that is a challenge to him and Jonathan likes to make artistic one off pieces.

What is the price range of your products?

Our prices start from €5.00 upward, depending on the item

Where to find out more?

Ashmore Woodcraft supply a gorgeous range of ready to purchase gifts in The Old Hardware’s Crafts Corner. But, don’t forget, you can also order custom pieces directly on the contact details below

Phone: 087-2672708

Email: ashmoreathy@eircom.net

Facebook: @Ashmore Wood Crafts

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